Pulsors® consist of specifically developed natural microcrystals, derived from minerals and precious or semi-precious stones. From micronizing, the crystals’ mini-structures emerge, i.e. fractals, which, by their nature generate a huge surface area. Given their large transfer areas, it could be argued that the Pulsors® have been refined.

The uniqueness of any crystal is due to its having a very stable and regular structure on the atomic level. We premise that this structure is a reflection of the order on the vacuum level; of course, what makes a crystal a crystal is the relation of every part to the whole structure, i.e. the regular orientation of every atom within the unit. (Davidson, J: Secret of The Creative Vacuum, ISBN-13: 978-8178223377, edition 2009)

A compound of these highly organized, microscopically tiny crystals is stacked in wafer-thin layers, following a carefully designed pattern. Due to this, a large number of different Pulsor® iterations are available – providing a multiplicity of modes of action for both human and environmental applications.

Pulsors® have a vastly complex internal structure, making them a scalar crystal, or even a so-called “scalar wave reactor” which is capable of reacting to every alteration in the scalar or vector realm. (Bearden, Tom: Theory of Pulsor Operation, producer’s manual, part II, 1995.)

Each and every one of these crystal particles has the ability to store energy and to release it with certain specific frequencies as scalar waves. In other words: the scalar waves of the Pulsors® are enabling a resonance with the bio-energy field, and all of this in their very own rhythm. This means that Pulsors® have the attributes of both transmitters and receivers. A similar principle is used by bio-resonance – but in such a case the body is offered pre-programmed electromagnetic frequencies via various devices. Pulsors® have, per se, no “programmed” energy, but are reacting in the moment to the conditions of their immediate environment.

Due to certain production processes, which are proprietary in their nature, a specific rhythmic manner is attained, which resonates with the body’s native frequencies and by means of which the body is enabled to balance its own rhythms, thus its natural rhythm is re-established.

Furthermore, the electron spin (clockwise or counter-clockwise) balances/neutralizes, whereby the outer electromagnetic field neutralizes itself as well, and the appearance of a “non-polarity” is produced. Pulsors® only become active if they are in the presence of an interactive system, i.e. if they are resonating with another rhythm. By this inter-resonant process it is possible to re-establish structures – as well as those in the environment – into a natural rhythm.

By rhythm we always mean the contact between order (theory of relativity) and chaos (quantum physics).

Note: The scientific studies referred to by this web-site are only valid for Pulsor® products. Imitations, counterfeits or copies of Pulsors®, respectively, are not covered by them. Only the original Pulsor® offers the referenced possibilities. References given by companies imitating Pulsors® and attempting to prove them by these studies or experiences, are unlawfully derived from the findings of G. Yao and the Centre for Vital Force.

Reference: Vitalenergetik, What are Pulsors®, http://www.vitalenergetik.com/Produkte, 29.12.2018