Even though our tap, mineral or spring water is visually impressive, hardly any of them are able to fulfill one of water’s main tasks, namely active detoxification and its transporting capabilities.

While the incredible current capabilities of sewage treatment plants cannot be praised enough, it is known that various substances cannot be filtered or extracted from the water. A few examples of these substances are: hormones, drug residues, nanoparticles, cosmetics, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, heavy and conductive metals, chemical residues, gases such as chlorine etc. remain in the water which, at such amounts, massively impair our health and our ability to detoxify.

The particles in the water measured at over 400 sites in Switzerland show that hardly any source of water currently has the ability of detoxification.

Therefore, it is one’s own important responsibility to learn about WATER as a substance for complementary medical, chemical and biophysical reasons After all, at least 70 % of the human body consists of water, meaning that at least 70 % of our health is impacted by the quality of the water we drink every day.

“Das Schweizer Fernsehen” and “QuantiSana GesundheitsZentrum AG” therefore decided to jointly develop a drinking station concept where the Swiss people in Switzerland will be provided with the purest, high-energy drinking water free of charge upon request.