Air pollution processes and impacts

Air pollution represents a serious environmental problem causing premature deaths and impacts on ecosystems. World Meteorological Organization took the commitment at the First Air Pollution and Health conference to contribute to the reduction of the premature deaths from air pollution by providing the observational evidence of pollution levels and forecasts for acute air pollution episodes. The animation explains how air pollution is formed, particular reflecting on the role of meteorological processes and the services that WMO develops to deliver on its commitments.

Air Pollution Awareness Video

Air, the search for one clean breath

The award-winning film, “Air — The Search for One Clean Breath”, has been seen by millions of viewers worldwide. Produced in 2008 by the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District in California, with support from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the movie asks the vital question: How has air evolved and what does it mean for our human experience? With state-of-the-art animation, an inspired soundtrack, and stunning visuals filmed in high definition, the film gives new insight into this precious natural resource. So take an amazing international journey and explore the mystery of each breath.