Elektrosmog in the car

In a 2001 study the Federal Office for Health compared the measured emittance value of a Volkswagen with the measured magnetic field of a cook top – one of the household’s highest levels of pollution. The two objects more or less have an almost identical intensity in radiation. In aggregate this might well have an impact amongst the exposure of the day K-Tipp Edition 1/2001).

You would like to change this and look for an ideal solution with which you feel fit and healthy even after a longer riding your car?

We offer different solutions, which can be affixed directly in the car. It is also possible to wear Pulsors close to the body. However, this involves individual testing or the use of CleanSweep sprays during the ride, which is the simplest and low-cost variant.

We will be happy to advise you!


Quellenangabe: Vitalenergetik, Solutions, Harmonising your car, 29.12.2018