Mobile radiation

Life is always performed in a so-called „open system“. It is exposed to external influences in an extreme way and is influenced by them. The body is also an „open system“ and consistently tries to keep in balance. Under strong influences it takes much more energy for doing so. Thus, every human reacts differently to electromagnetic fields – depending on how big or small its “biological window” is. The danger of high-frequent, pulsed permanent radiation of cordless phones are extensively known and investigated today. Permanent emissions cause biologically active pollution which is directly interfering with the biological control system (Medical University of Lübeck, Germany).

A study on behalf of Deutsche Telekom talks about severe health risks caused by mobile phone radiation (, General rule is as follows: the more refined a technique the more intense the radiation.

You know about the danger or do not feel comfortable when communicating with mobile phones or DECT phones? The EMF-Transformer mounted on the mobile phone or cordless phone offers you the ideal solution.

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Reference: Vitalenergetik, Solutions, Harmonising Mobile- and Cordless Phones, 29.12.2018