All electric appliances generate electric and magnetic oscillating fields. The biological system “human” absorbs these electric fields like an antenna and literally is „under voltage“. Within the body these fields produce artificial currents as well as cell and nerve stimuli, i.e. stress. Already in 1997 the EU found out that humans react on e-smog with various symptoms and the WHO recognised in 2003 the phenomenon electro sensitivity.

You would like to neutralise the impacts of your electric and electronic devices? The Vortex Energy Filter or the Super Pulsor Tripartite Card support you hereby. If you desire a harmonisation especially for your computer workstation at home, the Vortex Energy Filter may help you. It is interconnected between computer and power supply. The filter itself does not consume any electricity. You do not want to dispense with your alarm clock next to your bed or your halogen lamp? A Super Pulsor Tripartite Card helps you here as well: Simply place the alarm clock on its top. Your laptop is always with you? Here too the solution is simple! 

Harmonising electric devices does not replace a room, apartment or house harmonisation.

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Reference: Vitalenergetik, Solutions, Harmonising electric devices, 29.12.2018