Rutengeher, Wünschelrute - Was ist Radiästhesie?


Radiesthesia is another term for dowsing and pendulum. The term was mentioned for the first time by the French dowser Abbe Memet 1935. It deals with the complex “energetic fields and rays”, which are not technically graspable, or only with great technical efforts, and cannot be perceived by humans. In addition to the technical and biological areas, radiesthesia has an increasing importance in the medical field.

The radiesthesia is used among other things in diagnostics, in compatibility testing, in the determination of geopathic zones, in the structural biology, in horticulture and in ore search.

Radiesthesia has a long history. At first, only the two-hand rod, commonly known as dowser, was used. Our ancestors used them over 12’000 years ago. Reliefs show Chinese emperors (2,200 BC) and Egyptians searching for water or ground investigation with the dowser. Today in Taiwan and Hong Kong, building sites are still checked with a dowser before planning begins. The dangers of geopathic zones were also well known in ancient times.

Modern times with its absolutely real scientific view, banished radiesthesia (dowsing), despite its success, into the realm of occultism and did not take it seriously until the present day. In the meantime a research contract at the TU-Munich, clearly confirmed the dowsing phenomenon. However, science is still not capable of grasping the phenomenon with technical instruments.

Radiesthesia Instruments

Today in the radiesthesia, we differentiate between three different devices, whereby the use is dependent on the application area and the required sensitivity level.


These are as follows:

  • The two hand rod also known as the divining rod with a good sensitivity
  • The one hand rod also known as a tensor with increased sensitivity
  • The pendulum with maximum sensitivity

The preferred area of application are among others:

  • Divining rod: House-, Apartment-, property examination, water wells search, ore exploration.
  • Tensor: Aura-, Life energy measurement, medicine compatibility, as well as medicine diagnostic
  • Pendulum: Special tasks, especially in the medical field with high indicative requirements.
What are Bovis-Values

Andre BovisThe Bovis value is a measuring unit that measures the life energy of substances, organisms and places. It is named after the French researcher André Bovis. In the 1930s he devoted himself to the quality control of food products and developed a method by which he was able to measure quickly and precisely the freshness, and above all the vitality of food product.

In order to keep our mind and body healthy, we must live in a healthy place and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. The average Bovis Value (BE) of a neutral place is currently approximately 6500 Bovis units. As a result, we need to eat and drink food and beverages that exceed this value. All foods and beverages with 6500 Bovis units and more will bring us energy, while food or beverages below 6500 Bovis units drains our energy. The same applies to where we live or work, whereby electro-smog and earth radiation can greatly influence the Bovis values too.

Bovis Skala & Werte