The danger in the sky

It sounds like an incredible horror fantasy story, and yet recent disclosures have confirmed that planes are spraying a dangerous aluminum mixture into the sky. The chemical vapors should cool the earth’s atmosphere and rehabilitate the ozone layer. The side effect: incalculable damage to health and the environment!



Almost daily you can observe how planes cross the sky. The trails which arouse the most suspicion are those that remain visible for a long time, dispersing into cirrus-like cloud formations, or those from multiple aircraft which form a persistent grid over a large area, known in the public as “chemtrails”.

Chemtrails differ from contrails (contrails or sublimation strips) mainly due to their life durability in the sky. Normal contrails of water vapor usually disappear after a few minutes (maximum 20 min.). Depending on the wind speed and direction, chemtrails on the other hand can last for several hours. Slowly diluting themselves in thick strips and then into a milky cloud soup, barely recognizable as “streaks”.

Between the observer and the former blue sky an impenetrable fog has now formed, which soon covers the whole sky. If the sun can still be seen somewhere between the vapors, it is often surrounded by a halo in which a pale rainbow effect can be seen. This effect is due to the refraction of the light in the aluminum powder.


Composition of the Chemtrails

In general, barium salts as well as aluminium particles are used (investigations of rainwater in Canada show a 5 to 20 times aluminium value), a polymer mixture is also added as a carrier substance which ensures that the “payload” remains in the air for up to one year. Other parts of the substances in the chemtrails have been identified: it is a cocktail of JP8 + 110 aircraft fuel mixed with ethylene Dibromid (EDB). This chemical pesticide was banned 1983 by the EPA as cancerogenous and a chemical poison. There is also some well founded suspicion that that diseases such as the annual flu waves are were “sprayed”.

A study done by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich

A study done by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich confirms that aluminum and other substances were fund in aircraft exhaust gases.

The federal offices for the environment and civil aviation does not classify the increase of the contrails on aircraft as alarming. The contrails consist of water vapor, ice and soot, are in the norm and natural in relation to the humidity and pressure conditions.

The results of the study done by the ETH in Zurich on the exhaust gases of airplanes were disturbing, as they found out that there were aluminum substances in the soot particles of the exhaust of three types of aircraft.


Chemtrail Composition

ETH Zurich proves that aluminum and other substances are in contrails

A total of 16 metals were found, which represented a risk to health when inhaled. According to the latest research, aluminum, for example, can result in the increase of the Alzheimer’s disease, furthermore aluminum can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and thus cause damage in the brain, as well as causing neurological diseases.