The body is an open and complex system, which is “fed” and regulated by biological rhythms and is connected to the outside world via rhythms. These rhythms manage the communications, information and energy flows taking place within the biological system called human.

The immanent logic attributed to these biological rhythms determines the qualities, the movement of the individual systems, the generation of quanta, the power of the Life field and the forces generated from the respective sub-fields and by means of that logic, how much energy is then allocated to the organism.

Traditional Chinese Medicine calls this mechanism the “Chi,” which is distributed through the meridians.

There are very many rhythms affecting the layers of self-healing, self management, the adaptation, the evolution and the memory. The sum of these rhythms forms an overall system aiming towards the body’s self-order and its self-healing abilities. By the oscillating transmitter-recipient attribute this open biological system connects the body, as well, with both the natural and the unnatural rhythms of the environment deriving from technological sources, or with other humans.

The system-specific rhythm of all of the organism’s individual systems can be called the homodynamic/kinetic force (feedback), which helps that organism to consider its own condition under dynamic-kinetic aspects. Thus, one could say that good health is dependent upon the degree of the individual’s accommodation ability (degree of communication ability, information ability and self-regulation ability) when interacting with the environment.

Access to this information happens via the emotional-functional activities (psyche). Suppose that the organism responds to a stressor/stimulus – which can then be categorized as either health or disease – in the end disease is always a communication or information problem between human and environment. Their prevention and healing are possible.

PULSOR® and its benefits

Pulsors® work on the level of the body’s bio-energy field. They operate as modulators for the body’s bio-energy field and NOT as energy stimulators. Pulsors®, as modulators, are not immediately brought into resonance with the electromagnetic field but guide the body on the level of the subtle energy field back to its natural balance, without stimulating or suppressing. Most of the products or devices which are being marketed with an energetic function work either by stimulating the body’s energies or by suppressing its weaknesses (symptoms).

In this respect, Pulsors® are unique; by means of their mode of action in the pre-physical field, in the airwaves field or in the subatomic field, they directly influence the “Chi” which, as a consequence, makes corrections on the physical (functional-morphological) level.

Disturbances in the subatomic field can be detected and brought into alignment and balance before they materialize physically in the body as dysfunction or as disease conditions.

Due to the variety of Pulsors® and of individual users it is possible to feed back the natural “rhythm program” to the body in order to activate the self-regulation process starting at the subatomic level.

In summary, one could say that the body’s energy field returns to its very own individual rhythm by resonating with the Pulsor® at the subatomic level.


Reference: Pulsor® – Mode of Action,, 26.01.2019