Many people are using cell phones, digital cordless phones, Wi-Fi and other digitally pulsed high-frequency communication technologies, although they know or already feel that these technologies have devastating side effects on our subtle energies (aura, vortex polarities, life energy). Others even rely on the modern means of communication for their works.

Up to now we could do practically nothing against the sickening impacts of high frequency electromagnetic radiation (electro-smog) from millions of mobile phones, cordless phones, radio units, computers, laptops, TVs and control units including car electronics.

The industry of the electrosmog producers wants to make us believe that this radiation is harmless!

But: Scientific proofs reveals the harmfulness of the EMF radiation for humans, animals and nature!

EMF – Transformer (Small)

  • Small Black Strip (7.5cm x 3cm) Item number 3-103010

Price CHF 60.00   plus shipping

(When sending abroad, the recipient may be charged VAT and perhaps customs duties. These are claimed by the post office when the parcel is handed over).

EMF – Transformer (Large)

  • Large Black Strip (10cm x 3.7cm) Item number 3-103020

Price CHF 70.00   plus shipping

(When sending abroad, the recipient may be charged VAT and perhaps customs duties. These are claimed by the post office when the parcel is handed over).

In order that you don’t need to relinquish the comfort of modern technologies, we now offer a way how you protect yourself and can safeguard your health: The EMF Transformers.

These products with the Vital Force technology are based on a new physics, whose base is built on latest insights from the ranges of space technique, energy medicine as well as on quantum physics, which are already used in the USA, Russia, China and others.

EMF Transformers affect physically by a measurable reduction of the SAR values for ca. 35-40% as well as energetically (non-measurable) by a subtle imprint with a variety of positive energy patterns.


The effectivity of the EMF Transformers among others, was proven by:

  • Brain waves studies of Brain-Tek Institute San Diego, CA
  • SAR-Tests (specific absorption rate) – RF Exposure Lab, San Diego, CA
  • Tests with human cells (Hela cells): Prof. Joie Jones, University Irvine, CA
  • Tests of US doctors: Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle, Dr. Lee Cowden, Dr. Davis and others

Proofs with: HRV, electro-acupuncture, advanced kinesiology

The EMF Transformers create natural conditions within your direct life environment. The negative impact of electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress zones as well as negative energy fields (emanations) of other people caused by emotions, stress, illness etc. are energetically neutralised.

The indoor air is improved by this, more negative ions are generated. The physical and spiritual health is strengthened.

The active principle of the EMF Transformers can be compared with the functionality of a computer virus. Computer viruses frequently pollute the software right up to its destruction. In the same way electromagnetic fields – one could call them „electromagnetic viruses“- pollute our „bodily software“, the subtle energy fields (aura), which are responsible for the working of the „body hardware“.

The informative software of the body, which is essential for all body processes from the cellular to the systemic level – to these also belong the brain and the autonomic nerve system – can be damaged significantly by the „electromagnetic viruses “.

The EMF Transformers turn the interfering frequencies of these „electromagnetic viruses“ into a clear, pleasant sound and rhythm for the body.

One could also compare this process with a bad radio reception, where the music is drowned by the noise. By using a noise filter here or an automatic adjustment the reception becomes pure and clear again.

The purified energy field spreads far over the dimension of the EMF transformers so that the effect can be felt within the whole room.

These EMF Transformers are available in 2 versions:

  1. EMF Transformer Small Black Strip 3-103010 (7.5cm x 3cm)
    für Basisstationen von Schnurlostelefonen (DECT), Mobiltelefone, Festnetztelefone, ISDN- Telefonanlagen, Laptops, Tablet- PCs und Smartphones.
  2. EMF – Transformer Large Black Strip 3-103020 (10cm x 3,7cm)
    for WLAN routers, household electrical appliances, motor vehicles, satellite receivers, PC monitors, computers, TV sets and electrical fuse boxes.

Fix the EMF Transformer directly on the backside of the mobile phone, iPad or phone, with the laptop on the lower side of the device or besides the touchpad, with the car on the on-board electronics box (probably there are 2 boxes per car).

The EMF Transformers don’t cause any harmful impacts and they also don’t lose their functionality by environmental influences in the long run.

We will be happy to advise you!