With increasing age and diseases (especially chronic ones), the body’s ability to optimally metabolize the oxygen content (21 %) of our breathing air decreases. A metabolism that lacks “fuel” is on the back burner. It’s no longer “effective”, but ineffective and inharmonious, and as a result provides too little energy (ATP) necessary for all processes vital for life and recovery.

Anyone who looks into breathing air will quickly learn that while it is available to us almost without restriction, and supposedly in abundance, we nevertheless exhale 75% of the absorbed atmospheric oxygen as unused.


In order to restore this imbalance, we have formed an alliance with a leading technology expert in naturopathic medical products called Airnergy. Spirovital therapy imitates an integral process of photosynthesis, namely the interaction between sunlight and the green pigment of the plants (chlorophyll), which many experts are intrigued by. According to the manufacturer, treating the air using compact devices and specially core-developed catalysts should trigger a real chain reaction in the organism and often bring stagnant processes back into motion in the body when regularly inhaled through the nose using discreet breathing goggles.

This energized oxygen would especially stimulate and balance the autonomic nervous system. Unlike the central nervous system, which can be deliberately influenced, this regulates the entire organ systems such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and intestines autonomously, i.e. they cannot be influenced deliberately. This includes the cardiovascular system, I.e. heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and metabolism. It should be noted that spirovitalization, as conducted by Airnergy, neither increases, nor ionizes or supplies the ozone, as was the case with previous methods. In addition, no exogenous substances are added. After thorough testing, we are convinced of the enormous importance of this purified oxygen, and therefore decided to introduce so-called breathing tank stations throughout Switzerland. This is the only way we can guarantee that the paths which people follow can be kept short, and that the service is used quickly and frequently.

The breathing stations invested a lot of money in this technology so that they can offer this to all interested parties next to the high-quality drinking water. We feel that breathing for 30 minutes should be compensated with CHF 30. All breathing stations are also drinking water filling stations. This way you can combine both a) collecting pure and good quality drinking water free of charge and b) while waiting to breathe biologically effective oxygen.


Zertifikate Airnergy Atmungstankstelle