Mobile phone headsets for smartphones with special pneumatic sound transmission have a high-frequency radiation reduction of over 99% and a 100% low-frequency radiation reduction. The clou of these headsets lies in the air tube between the earplugs and the acoustic coupler: it interrupts the mobile phone radiation coupled to the cable so that it is not conducted to the ear. The speaker capsule – usually directly in the earphone – is kept at a distance to the brain and thus minimizes its magnetic field load. This way, you can drastically reduce the high and low frequency radiation “Electrosmog”.


EchoTubeZ® Classic

  • Red, Item number 5-101010
  • Green, Item number 5-101020
  • Blue, Item number 5-101030
  • Orange, Item number 5-101040
  • Pink, Item number 5-101050
  • Yellow, Item number 5-101060
  • White, Item number 5-101110
  • Black, Item number 5-101120

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